Sunday, March 1, 1998

What do do with Charm Packs

I'm drawn to charm packs. I love to look at them, touch them, sort them out and play with patterns using them. Sure, I could easily cut my own squares; I have the tools, but something about the charm pack is so easy and perfect--the right colors and patterns pre-cut and selected so I can get right to work.

What do we do with the Charm Pack? So many crafters have ideas. I even have a couple:).

1. Make a scarf. . . sew your favorites together in a string, back it with linen, flannel or fleece and you have a colorful scarf and depending upon your backing it can be for any season.

2. Make a belt. . . sew your favorites together in a string, iron them in half and then the halves onto themselves, top-stitch and add your d-rings. Super easy and fun.

3. Make a patchwork purse.

5. Make a wall hanging. mmcrafts

6. Make a checkbook cover.

7. Make a bookmark.

8. Make bean bags.

9. Make stuffed blocks for babies a la Amy Butler.

10. Make a purse. Lazy Girl Blog

11. Make coasters. mmmcrafts

I would love to add more to this list, so please help me. If you are kind enough to comment with your favorite idea of mine or a new idea you have or have come across with the link, I will add it to the post.