Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A Valentine Gift for Cookie

Spiffy dishwashing gloves

My son calls his grandma "Cookie" and you can guess why. She is quite a baker and as a wee one, he would sit in his high chair, which was my high chair, in her kitchen and would roll ginger snap dough in sugar for her to bake.
While out gathering Valentine craft supplies, we found some pink gloves for washing dishes. They needed to be Cookie's and they needed a little whimsey. By looking at these, you'll be able to make them, too. I've never written a tutorial, but since it was so easy, I thought I'd share the "how-to" steps. I hope you have fun with this DIY--washing dishes in style.

1-Cut two strips of fabric 5" wide by 18" long (or adjust--you choose how many pleats or how full you want your gathering to be.

2-Cupt two strips of double-wide biase tape 1/2" longer than the circumference of the glove openings.

3-Press 1/4" back on both ends of bias tape.

4-Press 1/4" back on both ends of fabric stips and top stitch ends closed. Fold in half to create the ruffle.

5-Gather or pleat your strips to the length of the bias tape.

6-Pin bias tape and ruffle to the glove. You will stitch on the bias tape, so you should not have any pulling from the rubber of the glove. If you encounter that, simply reposition the bias tape.

7-Tie any loose ends and flip ruffles up.

8-Enjoy your dishwashing:).

Monday, January 28, 2008

Snowy Day

So today, we have a snowy day in the Seattle area. Now, I grew up in the Upper Midwest, so this snow seems very pretty, but because it fell in the Pacific Northwest, school is out, traffic is backed up and it is the perfect day for an extra cup of Ladro coffee and a cozy day at home. The plans are to clean, read and probably play with some crayons and playdough. I'm reading the following: Garlic and Sapphires, Ruth Reichl and The Wonder of Boys, Michael Gurian.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Wow 2008

Somehow almost a whole year slipped by since I posted. Certainly a toddler, a pregnancy and new baby contributed, but I also find it so much more fun to read other blogs than to post my own. New resolution is to make it fun.