Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Boyish Shelf

Boyish Shelf
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Mostly, I make things with fabric. However, when I was a child, my grandfather had an amazing workshop and he was patient and generous enough to let me play with saws, nails, drills, and scraps. I'm waxing sentimental because his tools and workshop were auctioned last weekend. Sweet man that he is, he saved the first hammer he used when he began his career in construction for me. I have lovely items in my home that he made--a cedar chest and a grandfather clock. That hammer will be cherished as much as those heirlooms.

This humble shelf is nod to my Grandpa Vern. I only used a hammer and nails to make it, but I summoned his words and lessons to do it. If your little person needs some wall storage, this is a super simple project.

You need: five yard sticks (or the appropriate number to cover the dimensions of the supports you choose); two pre-cut shelf supports from your favorite home improvement store (or cut them yourself if you have a jigsaw); and nail the yard sticks to the supports. For under ten dollars, you'll have a great shelf you made for your kiddo.

Thanks Grandpa Vern!