Saturday, November 28, 2009

Snowy Houses

Snowy Houses
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As if I needed this distraction. With a pile of projects to finish, I played in th middle of the night. These little houses are cute, but I have no idea where they will live. Why they were so important to make when I have quilting and binding on four big projects left to do, I'm not sure. When I get those bigger pieces finished, I'll show you them. For now, these little houses and the tree that needs trimming downstairs are making me quite happy. Hope you're making things that bring you some extra joy.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Purple Knit Cowel

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Orange Flower Sketchbook provides all varieties of crafting inspiration. This oversized cowel is based upon her simple ribbed cowel. My sweet mother was kind enough to model for me. I think our big girlie will enjoy this for Christmas. Now, if I can just get her quilt top and back ironed, sandwiched, quilted and bound. Ahhh. If that were the only project on the list.

This cowel was super easy! Using a #15 needle, I cast on 80 stiches. I followed OFS's stitch pattern---knit three, pearl through the back stitch one and repeat. I did knit it in circular, but you could knit it flat and seam it as easily.

Hope you're staying warm.

Monday, November 16, 2009

A Fun Kiddo Winter Banner

Living in the Pacific Northwest, having some extra little projects for the kids is super helpful on our rainy days. I purchase little things as I find them and then plot how the kids can use them. I sewed two little muslin banners--really just finished the edges and made a pocket that would hold a piece of wood to stabilize the banner. I let the kids choose the felt stickers and arrange them as they liked on their banners. Then they went to work peeling the adhesive and placing their snowflakes.
The felt stickers make the banners look so pretty and more complex than the work the kids did. They were both proud. One is hanging and one is ready to send to grandparents as a gift. If you need some rainy day fun, this project might just fit for your family.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Peacock Feather Pillow

Peacock Feather Pillow
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The last item that I sketched and stitched for the livingroom. I think I'm done for a while in there. With tjust three stitches, stem, back-stitch and french knot, this came together quickly, dispite the size--it is a rather long pillow. Again, I encourage you to sketch your own images and stitch them. You might be surprised by how well you like them.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Gail Pan BOM Done

Gail Pan BOM Done
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I love this. I mean, I LOVE this. Somewhere as I stitched, I had a notion that it would be a gift. Now, I believe it will be a gift to me:). My husband says I never make anything for myself, but this time, I did.

If you haven't seen her work, you can find her here. What a sweet thing to offer up free stitchies for us. The flicker pool for this project is pretty amazing--many different interpretations.

You could completely get this pretty quilt done by the holidays. . . just keep that stitching in your bag as you do your errands and then suddenly, you are here--all done and hanging so sweetly. Happy Holidays, a little early. I have a wall hanging idea for the little kiddos to do. . . I'll get that posted soon.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Cheater Chargers--A tutorial

My mother and Sister-in-law always set beautiful tables. They have a vareity of table linens, decorations, candles, etc. Since this is definitely not the season for additonal expenses for table decor, I wanted to inexpensively add some color to go under my pretty dishes. Off to the closet I went and found a remnant of quilted holiday happiness. With stripes on one side and pretty trees on the other, I got to work. You won't believe how fast these went together.
First, I cut 13 inch circles.
Second, I pinned and sewed the bias tape around the perimeter.

Third, by folding back the raw edge and sewing to the end, the charger is finished.
The fun part is that they are reversible. You can quickly make these! I made our six from cutting to finish in an hour (while addressing the needs of my kiddos). This is a fun idea for the holidays--you could quilt your own and have one side be for fall/Thanksgiving and the other side be for winter/Christmas/Hannakah. I'm thinking we might need these for birthdays, too. They also work as trivets.
Hope you enjoy this idea and make some of your own.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Some Holiday Sewing

With the help of some Figgy Pudding and a free embroidery pattern from Gail Pan, I finished up these two projects. Both items are bound to be gifts--so, shhh, please keep my secret. I just had so much fun with the Figgy Pudding patterns and love how the uncut courduroy adds some warmth and richness to the pillow. I have a whole list of things I've got in progress for friends and family. It seems quite possible that I've bitten off more than I can chew. I have a couple more pillows, a wall hanging, some mittens, a couple of quilts. . . maybe some more. We'll see how ambitious I am.
Won't you please share waht you're making as you make your list and get started on holiday sewing.