Thursday, November 12, 2009

Gail Pan BOM Done

Gail Pan BOM Done
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I love this. I mean, I LOVE this. Somewhere as I stitched, I had a notion that it would be a gift. Now, I believe it will be a gift to me:). My husband says I never make anything for myself, but this time, I did.

If you haven't seen her work, you can find her here. What a sweet thing to offer up free stitchies for us. The flicker pool for this project is pretty amazing--many different interpretations.

You could completely get this pretty quilt done by the holidays. . . just keep that stitching in your bag as you do your errands and then suddenly, you are here--all done and hanging so sweetly. Happy Holidays, a little early. I have a wall hanging idea for the little kiddos to do. . . I'll get that posted soon.

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