Thursday, December 11, 2008

My Favorite Burp Cloth Tutorial

I've got babies to gift for this holiday and here is one of my favorite gifts to make. The chenille on these burp clothes is perfectly absorbant and so soft on baby skin. They even work as a changing pad in a pinch. You simply need a fat quarter of your decorative material and a fat quarter of the chenille of your choice.
Step 1: Cut your fat quarters in in half.

Step 2: Pin chenille and cotton material right-side together and sew leaving an opening to turn right-sides out.

Step 3: Trim corners.
Step 4: Turn right-sides out and press, being certain to carefully pin the opening left for turning.

Step 5: Use a decorative stitch or a zig zag to sew around the perimeter of the burpcloth.

Step 6: Give as gifts, or stock your baby's diaper bag.


YayaOrchid said...

This is a great tutorial! Thank you for sharing. Pictures are always the best for learning something.

erica said...

I have to make some burpcloths, and I have found this very useful! Thanks!

Tim said...

This is a great tutorial! Thanks you for sharing!

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