Saturday, March 14, 2009

New Dress for My Baby Girl

My mother is magical. With a couple of measurements gained by a phone call, a vintage pattern and a desire to make an Easter Dress, this is what my baby girl will get on Monday when Cookie and Papa fly in for a week-long visit. This dear little eyelet dress looks quite a bit like the one I made for my confirmation. Something tells me that is what my mother had in mind.

To blue-eyed girls with blue satin sashes.

To chubby legs in ruffled bloomers.

To my sweet mama for making something for my sweet baby.
Thanks, Mom. I'm sorry we live so far away.


Katherine said...

Heather the dress is beautiful!!

Daffernia said...
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YayaOrchid said...

What a gorgeous dress! I really like the sweetheart lace.