Monday, February 9, 2009

My Quilting Efforts to Date

Friends, I'm finally ready to share my first two quilted projects. Thanks to Last Minute Quilted Gifts, I made these birdies that hang above our boy's bed. I made it small in scale, since it was the first attempt. Like all of my quilting, it helped me deal with imperfection in my work and in myself (a little like parenting does, actually). I still love it, with it's imperfections.

The second quilting project I was lucky enough to embark upon with my mother. Yes, Cookie and I learned how to do a nine-patch together. She is a picky sewer. When I say picky, I really mean perfect. We used charm packs with vintage reproductions on them and it made it pretty easy. I love all of them, but the cherries are my favorite. It is lovely and we had it machine quilted in Luck, Wisconsin. It was ready when we brought out little girl home from the hospital.

These days I'm playing with some small items, to see how I do. I'm working on a scrap runner, a la project improv, a doll quilt to practice some skills and a little playmat for a friend's new baby boy with the guidance of and their fat-quarter four part tutorial. I may just envelope that one and not bind it. I haven't decided. I'll get photos when they are done. Why am I such a stickler for that? I see so many WIPs and love to see where things start and end. Perhaps it is my motivator--the reward for finishing projects. Hmm. I'll have to think about the why of it.

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