Monday, April 20, 2009

A Beautiful Table

My sister-in-law is the queen of beautiful. She is a graphic designer and definitely has a passion for what she does. Here is a glimpse of her Easter table. We were 2200 miles away, as usual, still, I got to share in some of the day through photos. Cheers to Heather and her pretty ideas--damask placememats she designed and printed in black, white and yellow, a napkin of polka dots and a peep for fun and pop. Of course, she had flowers and bunny statues and wonderful food.


YayaOrchid said...

Yes, that really is a lovely table setting!

Karin said...

Hi, I came over on the headband post, then saw this. Beautiful table! Just wondering, when you say she designed and printed them, did she print them on paper? on iron-transfer? on fabric? Or does the lucky woman have her own screen printing machine? (I know some people who do!!) Whichever, they are just wonderful!!!