Sunday, April 12, 2009

Child's Party Hat Tutorial

Just thought your kiddos might enjoy an enduring party hat. I think the photos in the slideshow will lead you through the process nicely.


Medallion Fabric and Letter Fabric

Base Hat Fabric

Stiff Felt

Fusible Webbing


Sewing Machine

Needle and Thread

The link below is a flickr slideshow of the steps. Just haven't figured out how to imbed it here. I'll work on that.

1. You will cut the hat from a hat pattern. I could post one if that is helpful.

2. You will apply fusible webbing to the medallion, letter and the felt.

3. Decorate the base fabric with medallion and letter by ironing them fusible side down.

4. Machine applique.

5. Adhere base hat to felt with fusible and iron.

6. Cut opening for tab with rotary cutter.

7. Pin hat in place.

8. Thread elastic through side holes with large embroidery needle and tie elastic.

9. Sew hat together along tab and opening.

10. Party!

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casserole said...

What a cool idea! I posted a link to your tutorial on Craft Gossip Sewing Blog: