Friday, May 1, 2009

Happy May Day

If my mother lived in your neighborhood, you'd find some of these goodies on your doorstep today. She is such a great baker and thoughtful friend. Her sugar cookie recipe is in my February archives, if you get a craving. She uses Martha's suggestions for flooding cookies (the type of frosting that makes a nice, solid surface--the center of the daisies you see), but does her own thing with icing, sprinkles, sugars and gumdrops rolled out and cut into tiny little yummies. May always brought trips into the forrest to find the sweet little mayflowers, trilliums and wild geraniums. My parents have 240 acres in the Northwoods of Wisconsin. Go ahead, label me a Jack Pine Savage. I loved my childhood. We had freedom to explore. Spring meant flowers, frogs, baseball, lambs, calves, chicks, ducklings and mud.

She is also an amazing seamstress. This little dress was for my niece D. I intended to make it for her as an Easter gift. I cut the pretty Amy Bulter fabric, but knew I wouldn't get it done. Bless Mom for taking the pieces and making it. Of course, she had it done in time for Easter.

Oh, I've been making around here, too. I just need to get some photos loaded. I'll have fun things to share next week--plus something fun for you to stitch, if you like.


YayaOrchid said...

Oh, Heather! I stopped by your other blog and tried to comment but it's one of those comment blogs that I alwys have trouble with and my comments don't go through. It's different than this box. I looked for an email to let you know, but none is listed. Fortunately I think this blog has the type of comment box that does work, you know, the usual blogger box. So just to let you know what I was going to comment on your other blog I copied it and here it is:

I have read every post here thus far, and I must say, this blog is the middle of heaven! I love it!

P.S. This blog is not so bad either! :)

YayaOrchid said...

Well, I did try once again to comment. It's a different sort of comment box. "Wool Winder" blog also has one like that, and my comments don't go through there either.
I ♥ those little ducklings. And I also love the name you use to call your babies! I call ours 'my little one', very similar like yours, right? :)