Monday, May 4, 2009

A Little Gift for Mom

My father, brother and I have schemed up a present we know my mother will adore. She will be surprised and enjoy it very much. Still, even when one receives a "big" gift, getting something thoughtful and small is also dear. In her Mother's Day card, she will get this little hanky. It was super easy and I free-handed the embroidery. If you want to make one for your mom or grandmother, just take two pieces of very soft cotton, embroider the motif(s) you choose, sew them right sides together, turn and top stitch. I used 12" x 12" material. Happy stitching and sewing!


Kristin said...

so did such a lovely job with the embroidery!

Heather said...

thanks Kristin. . . just a little relaxation:)