Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Scrappy Bookmarks

Somehow I developed a special love for bookmarks. I don't have a collection or anything like that. Still, I admire them. Certainly, it stems from I know Anna Maria Horner shows a wonderful way to make bookmarks that have embroidered borders. If your scraps are bigger than mine, her tutorial is wonderful.

To make mine, you'll need scraps that are between 4 an 5 inches wide. Sew them together into a length that suits a bookmark. If you have big hard cover books, longer is great. If you have smaller paperbacks, shorter is better. Add to the scraps, a piece of stiff interfacing and a piece of ribbon if you like. Now let's put it together.
1. Cut your scraps to size.

2. Seam your scraps together.

3. Fold in half, match seams and sew the the length.

4. Turn your tube right-side out.

5. Cut interfacing to fit your tube size.

6. Insert into tube and cut to size so you can finish the ends.

7. Add a ribbon, if you like, by cutting a length, folding it in half and pinning it inside the top of the tube with 1/4 inch turned in to finish the edge. Turn the bottom edge in 1/4 inch to finish that edge.
Sew around the permimeter of the bookmark to finish it.

You can make a pile of these quickly and they are great gifts or additions to book gifts.


RosaMarĂ­a said...

thanks for sharing!! those are so great!!

She Crafty said...

Great tutorial!

Laura of Harvest Lane said...

This looks quick, easy, and a great way to use my scraps. I just put it on my blog's sidebar under "Tutorials I Want to Try".