Saturday, October 31, 2009


Since my honey got me a memory card with an extraordinary amount of memory for my camera, I have waited too long to get my photos onto the computer. Here are two of the simple quilts I made last spring.

The one for my Dad is done in quilter cottons and pillow cases. I chose the toile because it reminded me of his farm--the sheep, the trees:). It was the first time I dropped the feed dogs and did any free-motion quilting. I need loads of practice, but I thought I could try on the toile trees and the stitching is doing the job stitching does. Is it beautiful? No, but it hides nicely in the foliage:).

The other is the one I entered in Park City Girl's quilt festival--now you can see both sides in-full. I so love the colors and designs in this Hello Betty! I love the big blocks, too.

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Allison said...

Cute quilts! Ok so about your question..I haven't really mastered the art of quilt hanging, mostly its just ghetto thumb tacks. :) If the quilt is small I use that white putty stuff or double stick tape, but if I wanted it permanently on the wall I'd just tack it up there. With big quilts when I hang them for pics I just tape or tack, but if you want them permanently on your wall you should sew a sleeve on the back top of the quilt to hold a rod, then hang it from a curtain rod. Anywho that's it! Thanks for saying hi! -Allison