Friday, November 7, 2008

No-Sew Holiday Ornaments or Gift Toppers

Though the pumpkins are just carved, I can't help but be getting ready for Christmas. Here is a super easy way to handmake ornaments out of scraps--you know my dislike for throwing them already. I love the beautiful faces on the Matryoushka dolls at and her etsy store. I thought my holiday tree might enjoy a little choir of them. To make them, or any shape that represents the holiday season for you, the instructions are below. Have fun!

Choose your shape (I made some lovely lace stars and angel wings last night), motif, etc. and gather the following items:

Fabric Scraps, Felt, Double-Sided Fusible Interfacing, String/Ribbon, Embroidery Floss (if you like).

Step 1: Cut your scraps into the shape you desire your ornament to represent.

Step 2: Iron on the fusible interfacing to both sides of the felt. You will need to apply heat to both sides for the adhesive to transfer. Follow the directions of the fusible you purchased for heat temperature and duration.

Step 3: Remove the fusible paper and cut the felt to match the shape you've chosen for your ornaments. Some ideas include stars, bells, angels, candles, gingerbreadmen. . . If you want to embellish your fabric, do so at this time. My little girls have a happy choir face done with embroidery, but you could just as easily use stamps or markers to create what you like.

Step 4: Sandwich the following elements together: top fabric pice, centered ribbon and felt. Iron the top portion of the ornament, again following the instructions on the fusible you purchased. Then flip and center the ribbon and back fabric piece. Iron this to fuse and trim any threads that seem to be strays. Now you are ready to hang.

Step 5: Hang or make garlands or gift toppers.

Here are some other ideas. . .

I've also made some acorns for all decorations. . . just need to get the camera out. Have fun!


YayaOrchid said...

Those ornaments are so cute! Thank you for the tutorial. Imagine the fabric possibilities!

Deanna said...

I really love those! I must make some myself! :)

Tonya said...

Very cute.

Jenn Maruska said...

Great idea - and a fun way to use up pretty fabric scraps!

Thanks for stopping by my blog.
: )

annamae said...

Those are darling! I love making ornaments for the tree! have to keep this one in mind. :)