Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Clothes Pin Holder

My mother has had the same bag to hold her clothes pins since she got married, I suppose. It still does the job, but it is getting thread-bare. I thought it was time she had something new--something she could easily launder and still do the great job her old standby has done for over 45 years.

So I worked up this little bag for her. The pretty cotton is supported by scrap cotton canvas I had on hand. The hanger can be removed to launder the bag. Someday I'll figure out how to create those sexy pdf files everyone else shares. I have it in a word document and would willingly share the steps and dimensions with anyone interested in a similar useful item that encourages a green approach to the wash. It was really simple--took maybe 20 minutes to complete.

Mmm. . . the smell of sun-dried laundry. That is summer as much as fresh strawberries or the feel of sunshine on skin.


RosaMarĂ­a said...

its great!! i think is a pretty gift! do you have a pattern or instructions for that?
have a nice sunny summer day!!

Marielle said...

that is adorable and I love your fabric choice! I still remember the one my mom had shaped like a little dress but alas it's no longer around.

tracy_a said...

Very cute!
If you want to make a PDF, you can download a free converter. I use this one - install it, and then instead of choosing to print to your Epson or HP, you select PDF995.