Saturday, June 6, 2009

Quilt-a-Long Number Two

Since I got the top of my 9-patch-a-day together. . . I decided I could use the quilt kit set my mother gave me for the Old Red Barn quilt along. Here are the stips, though they are sewn together now and awaiting an iron and cutting into blocks. They were easy to cut, though the garage floor is not the ideal location for rotary cutting. While the boy painted his latest invention, I knelt on the cement and cut. Well, my bones didn't enjoy the experience. Still, the strips went together easily once I decided upon the order. Now I can't wait to learn how they go together. I have half the number I will need for the full quilt, but as this was intended for the couch, not a bed, maybe half is just enough.


YayaOrchid said...

The fabric looks like it would make for a great quilt. I like the soft colors too. I hope you show pictures of it when it' finished.

jacquie said...

ouch...cutting on your knees on the garage that's dedication!