Thursday, June 4, 2009

What I did with that Hello Betty

Back when it was cold and rainy, I shared these bright Hello Betty colors and got great suggestions for what to do. I decided to frame a simple 3 x 4 selection of the layer cake with some Kona brown. The reverse side is the binding print as the center rectangle framed by 5 x 6 piecing of the layer cake squares. I love the contrast and how both sides are "tops". I decided to do simple quilting (still not ready for stippling) and took the lead from the pattern. I just did rectangles at 4" intervals. Another time I think I might go simpler. . . just do big squres and a plain back--so easy and pretty. I have full shots of the quilt, but my spiffy camera has a broken spring on the memory card. So, off to the camera clinic we go. The photos of my dad's quilted blanket are on that camera, so I'll post those when back from the clinic.

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