Sunday, October 26, 2008

Boy's Christmas Sweater Pattern Dilemma

The pattern is in this house--somewhere. It is here, unless the dog ate it, the baby shredded it or I threw it out by mistake. So here I am with the front, back and one sleeve of the boy child's Christmas sweater complete and no pattern to finish it. I know I can noodle the second sleeve using the first as my guide, but then there is the collar. hmmm. I don't remember the name of the pattern. I didn't find it on Ravelry. I think it was a Debbie Bliss Freebie from a Canadian magazine. Hmm. So knitters, I may need some help once I get to the collar. It was a modified rolled collar--4 row rib followed by 6 rows of stockinette. I'll muddle through if I don't find it. The mommy brain thing is wearing thin this Sunday morning.
If he had not asked me to make it (what a sweet little boy, and only 3) if I were not so close, I'd move on to another something fun to make him like:
If you find you love any of these and need to make them for your kiddos--remember to save the link so you do not find yourself in a scramble. Lesson learned.

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Kristin said...

Did you find your pattern? Don't you hate losing you crazy!!