Sunday, October 26, 2008

Praise for Seattle Adventure Boot Camp

When I told my husband I wanted to do a 5:30 am, bootcamp class three days a week for a month, he was a little surprised. Since the boy was born (3 1/2 years ago) the only exercise I've engaged in is walking and since the girl was born, that got harder because the boy doesn't want to stroll. His big boy status makes his reasoning obvious. My sweet husband encouraged me to do it, but after he did the math, he said, "You know for the value, you might as well go five days a week." I gulped, and then I signed up--send the money and dug out the running shoes.
The cloak of darkness definitely helped. Nobody had to see the pain in my face as I did rills, ran laps, or wore out on repetitions. I learned some great things that encouraged me the first week.

1. I am stronger than I thought. Though slow, I could still run a mile.

2. Though I have the mama "jelly belly" it is strong enough to do all the ab work required.

3. Such an early workout gave me energy all day long.

4. The women in the group were fun and great support as we all struggled with different aspects of the training.

5. Trainer John had a great approach. He was firm. He was challenging, but he was alway guiding us to do our best for ourselves. "Don't quit on yourself" is a line he used that really worked for me. Thanks Trainer John.

Some things that encouraged me to keep going--

1. My balance was horrible. Seriously, standing on one foot to stretch out the other ankle was a true test and I wobbled, I failed. A month later I am so much more stable!

2. My legs are weak. Somehow they manage to carry my body around and my kids around, but they are weak and I want them to be strong.

3. I could no longer do 20 push-ups at a shot. Time to get after it.

4. The '80s music that helped me channel my young and fit self.

The Seattle Boot Camp does before and after measurements (I didn't ask about these because I just wanted to get stronger.) What I can tell you is that in a month, I lost five pounds (not so much you might think), but my body changed and I can wear clothes I haven't worn in over a year. I know I am leaner and stronger--muscle weighs more than fat.

I thought I would do one session of this and then just get to the gym and see what I could maintain. Now, I'm thinking I need another session. I know I have a ways to go to get back to myself. The time alone working on me was a real gift. I have to thank my friend Nancy for encouraging me to sign up for camp, the ladies of the Shoreline 5:30 am class for their hard work that pushed me, Trainer John for helping us all hang in there and my sweet husband who provided the freedom to go and the extra encouragement when my old ankles and knees let me know I'm not 20 anymore. After a month, I'm in a new place. Please don't think I didn't ache the first week or struggle with sore ankles and knees. I did, but it was worth it. I feel better--stronger. . . maybe even younger. If you want to check it out, here is the link: They have testimonials, calendars, locations, trainer contact info--good luck and get after it!


Beth said...

Good for you! I also did a boot camp (after the 1st - before the 2nd child) and I was amazed at what hurt me after the first day - I had muscles in places I didn't know I had muscles. Good for you for wanting to go back again and for regaining some of your before mommy self.

Tonya said...

AWESOME! Great job. I need to get back into something myself now that we are all moved in.